Monday, August 27, 2018

The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of Miss Liz E. Borden

Yes, you read correctly ladies 'n' gents. This "feature" is about none other than yours truly. It occurred to me that while this is my blog that I write, aside from a paltry introduction and an "About Me" section that really highlights the features and outcomes of the blog - I've left very little room for myself. 

To my friends:
Perhaps I've been to your home for a delightful Christmas soiree. Maybe I came to your home for a Saturday night dinner (you were the most perfect hostess) and we watched movies until I had to leave because I'll fall asleep almost anywhere. Another time we went to Viva and shared a room and so many fun, wonderful memories. Not to mention, I still see everyone at car shows - thank goodness for those! To all just mentioned -- thank you for your support! It means so much to me! But for everyone, including those already mentioned, this is a long overdue post - not only about the ins and outs of the blog but, also, some big changes I'm working on.

At the beginning of 2018 after coming back from a trip to Louisville - I made up my mind. I want to move back home. James is in support of this decision as well. You better believe I'm taking him with me! As it were, we went on a vacation in May and when we came back our living conditions had worsened making me feel it was necessary to move as soon as possible. I started applying to jobs in Louisville in June. Mid-July I received an email from a job I applied to in Louisville offering an interview. I rented a car and drove down on a Wednesday evening after work. My interview was Thursday afternoon and I drove back up on Friday afternoon. It was an insanely short trip.

The interview went well but I realized during my trip that despite how much (how very much) I want/wanted to move Louisville right now, that sadly, that just isn't feasible. I did receive a call back from that position this past Wednesday. I was offered the job I interviewed for but, at this moment, I have to pass because we just don't have enough to move.

I've spent a good portion of this year focused on moving. More focus on moving, than many other things. Now I can realign my focus onto other important aspects while still saving for our move in the future. I can focus on finishing my beautiful Studebaker so I can actually take her to shows. I want to do some shoots - I've missed them so! I can prepare for the MAT and submit my application for grad school to ensure an even better position when I apply again to the library in Louisville. Most of all, I can take my time and enjoy those around me and make the best of my current situation.

With all this going on, I still have hopes, dreams, and the best ideas for this blog. However, it takes quite a bit to publish a post. After receiving the information from each interviewee, I take the responses and edit them. I want each gal to have her own voice but within the context of good grammar as well. I edit for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. In addition to careful editing and appropriate placing of images within the body, links are also supplied and included oftentimes, by me. Posts take much time editing and perfecting. They are always worth it as it is the most important thing to share the most wonderful narratives of awesome and extraordinary ladies, but like everything worth doing they take time. An excellent post cannot be rushed. Therefore, it is imperative that responses are sent back in a timely fashion (hopefully by the due date) so that I can contact the interviewee with any questions as I edit and prepare each post. When these conditions are met posts are published in a timely fashion - on time. 

There has been some issue with this causing some months to be missed this year. As a result, I have decided to still feature pinups monthly but without the pressure of needing to feature every month. Pinup of the Month will be renamed as Pinup Spotlight to solve this issue. Pinups will still be featured but not necessarily on a hypervigilant monthly basis. I started this blog with initially different goals but as time has progressed my current goal is to support the pinup community through each uplifting, inspirational story. Each feature means so much to me - I hope it means so much to you! I love learning about glamorous gals and discovering that, honestly, we're all on the same level. It gives me great joy and pleasure to share these inspiring stories and, hopefully, more with all of you. Please check out the facebook page for the blog regarding upcoming potential features - I have some great ideas to share with you all! Thanks for reading and your continued support!

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