Friday, January 19, 2018

Be Stunning. Be Daring. Be a Bombshell!

Hair: Melanie Saso Model: Casey "Red"
It is with great honor I introduce to you Miss Bombshell Mel of Bombshell Beauty Boutique.  This retro hairstylin' gal is a go-getter force to be reckoned with! Her passion for accomplishing her goals and dreams is not only inspiring but empowering as well! This gal is gonna knock 'em dead. Scroll down for amazing retro hairstyling!

Hair: Melanie Saso Model: Casey "Red"

Where are you located?

Bombshell Beauty Boutique is in Mendota, Il.

Hair: Melanie Saso

When did you start your business?

Opening day was July 7th, 2014.

Makeup and Photography: Mandi Linder Hair: Melanie Saso

What inspired you to create your business?

Honestly, it kind of fell into my lap. A local salon was closing. She was selling the contents of her business. I had always dreamed of owning my own salon.  So when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance. Our styles were completely different so I had my work cut out for me in creating Bombshell but the equipment and space provided the foundation for me to creatively expand upon. 

Hair: Melanie Saso
Did you see a need for your business when starting out?

There isn't much of a Rockabilly Culture out here in the sticks. So I decided to create some. I wanted to create a unique environment that people would enjoy, from the decor to the music you hear when you open the door. Pin Up is my passion so I created an environment where I can wear my swing dresses and a bit of the 50's can be found. My community really seems to enjoy the atmosphere here. 

Melanie at Jalopy Fest! 

How does you business impact and empower women?

As a salon owner and stylist, I feel like I am in the "self esteem" industry. People come to hairstylist to be able to look and feel better about themselves. Not only do I provide a full range of hair care services, I also offer make up and specialize in Vintage Hairstyling. Transforming a woman into a Pin Up girl is beyond empowering. I strive to create timeless looks for modern women.

Hair: Melanie Saso
While her shop is about an hour and twenty minutes to an hour and forty-five minutes away from Chicago - don't despair - this gal is comin' for you Chicago! Melanie is quickly working on becoming well known for her vintage hair artistry. She has started working on advancing her career to include styling for publications, film, and television as she recently teamed up with Chicago Pinup both as a stylist and model! Way to go! That's crazy awesome! This leading lady was also a judge and stylist for for the 2017 "Miss Jalopy Fest" pinup contest. 

Until she hits Chicago make it out to Mendota - it's well worth your time! What better way to spend the time getting dolled up than to spend it with someone so full of positivity and awesome energy? Thanks for being a doll, Mel! I can't wait to get my hair done!

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