Friday, December 1, 2017

Delightfully Decadent Miss Sweet Alice Sin!

Last but not least for this amazing year of extraordinary pinups is Miss Sweet Alice Sin! Learn all about this charming and confident gal with aspirations to be extraordinary to future generations! Scroll down now!

Photographer: Silver and Soul Photography MUAH: Rockabilly Ruby Wardrobe: Pinup Girl Clothing and Grandmother's Vintage Blouse

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been into pinup and/or pinup modeling?

Educator by day, confectioner/cake artist by night, and pinup model all over and in between everything else. My pinup lifestyle evolved from being raised with a deep appreciation for the 50's era by my Babcia ("grandmother" in Polish). The era has been infused for decades, but my participation and association with the pinup lifestyle is of more recent years. My first pinup shoot was a bucket list item checked off over 5 years ago, that later was a part of me mistakenly falling into the pinup contest circuit and modeling almost 2 years ago. Since then, I've met some beautiful and inspiring ladies that have helped me get to where I am today. I'm blessed to call them "friends" and "sisters".

Photographer: Chicago Doll Photography MUAH: Glam Hard Beauty

Do you participate in a vintage and/or pinup lifestyle? 

My daily wardrobe is influenced by the 50s era. It varies to which degree, every single day depending on what I'm doing, and where I'm going. Not a day goes by, that I'm not donning a pair of clip earrings, a brooch, or an entire outfit that has a touch of or is vintage. 

Photographer: Mic.B.Photography Wardrobe: Pinup Girl Clothing
What is your favorite band or musician? 

In all honesty, I cannot tell you that ONE band or musician I can call my favorite. Depends on my mood, my environment, what I'm mentally or emotionally going through in that moment. I consider myself a heavy concert goer. This past year alone I attended over 30 various performances and that doesn't even cover the free concerts! In no specific order or priority,  you could find me in front of a stage watching Krank Daddies, Shooter Jennings, the Lacs, Jimmy Buffett, Zakk Wylde, Chris Stapleton or Black Sabbath. Then again, you can be lounging with me at the pad chilling to Lana Del Ray, Frank Sinatra, Postmodern Jukebox or Todrick Hall. I can't even begin to tell you, how stretched my musical palette is. I'll never define myself to one type of music, because all types have shaped me and my mindset during difficult times as well as memorable and happy ones. 

Photographer: Chicago Doll Photography MUAH: Glam Hard Beauty

Your favorite classic car? 

1955 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible in beach blue.

Photographer: Silver and Soul Photography MUAH: Rockabilly Ruby

Who is your inspiration? 

Every woman I have met, encountered, crossed paths with that has shared something with me has left me with an imprint of who they are. Every woman has a story, a past that has morphed them into the super human they are today. Either it be a skill or a struggle. A dream or a nightmare they lived through. These pieces have tested the will of so many, that leave the rest of us with lessons. I have learned from others how to make a mistake and how to avoid one. I've learned from others how to be brave, for yourself. I've learned to be confident and courageous because of others females' success. THAT is my inspiration. Each and every woman before me, behind me, and next to me that has made her mark in this world. 

Photographer: Michael Ballard Wardrobe: Vintage

What makes you an extraordinary pinup?

The toughest question is left to the end, and of course a mind stopper. Being true to myself without hesitation is a trait I've had to work on for many years. I've finally gotten to the point that my confidence can't be shattered and my strength to oppose negativity is what keeps me moving forward, maintains my creativity, and allows me to flourish into the woman I've always wanted to be. In the past year, I've had a significant amount of time I've spent with my Ciocia ("aunt" in Polish). One day when we were just strolling around in the city, she stopped me dead in my tracks to tell me that I emulate my Babcia in every way possible. I broke down in tears. Tears because all I've ever done since I was a little girl, was follow her foot steps and wish that I can be half the woman she ever was. Does this make me extraordinary? Probably not. In fact, it doesn't. It's a word that describes the legacy my grandmother has left behind for me and many others like me who recognize what women did in that era to change the path for our future. So, I'll leave that word to describe my Babcia, and let that word maybe cross the lips of someone else who may one day look up to me as their matriarch and describe me in the same way. 

Photographer: Matthew Driscoll Wardrobe: Collectif and Niccoco Creations Hair: Tigerlilie Salon
It's been an amazing year of extraordinary gals each with their own outlook to answer this question - as there are no right or wrong answers ever. I truly enjoy understanding each of my gals and their directions for life based on their answers. I love this answer especially as a legacy to leave for others. Indeed, I believe my Sweet Alice Sin is extraordinary as all of my pinups are! I am in awe of this gorgeous gal!

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