Friday, October 6, 2017

A Most Glamorous and Majestic Pinup, Miss Bonnie Bailey!

Photographer: Silver and Soul Photography Makeup: Erin Reno Hair: Miss Rockabilly Ruby

Behold this magnificent lady, Miss Bonnie Bailey! Not only is she October's Pinup of the Month, this extraordinary creature is the current Miss Jalopy Fest 2017! Scroll down to revel in her magnitude!

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been into pinup and/or pinup modeling?

For starters I have always considered myself to be nerd and geek at heart. I was rolling D20 dice and indulging in fantasy long before I wore my pinup dress. I started pinup about 5 years ago. Though to be honest, I have always been obsessed with vintage music, art, and fashion. I just never felt comfortable enough in my own skin to believe that I was worthy enough to attempt a pinup look. Long story short, I discovered that being a pinup has less to do with modern standards of beauty and more about releasing the bombshell within myself. That means embracing my creativity, geekiness, intelligence, and even vulnerability to conquer the world!

Photographer: Boudoir Louisville MUAH: Boudoir Louisville

Is this your first contest? If not, what was different or unique compared to other contests? What was your favorite part?

Miss Jalopy Fest 2017 was not my first contest. I have competed in a handful of contests in Chicagoland Area and attempted some national level contests as well. Miss Jalopy Fest has a unique charm to it. I love that all the judges and competitors are genuine lovely gals that just want to spread some beauty and fun to the people! I like the laid back atmosphere Miss Jalopy fest has to offer. That isn’t to say that all the ladies aren’t excited or nervous, as it does take courage to show off the goods in front of folks. I mean that none of the judges or contestants is there to push an agenda onto others. It is just good old fashioned fun for all. My favorite part aside from winning of course is that the judges know their pinup! They are knowledgeable and have years of experience in the vintage scene. The fact that they have the ability to pick up on a contestant’s attention to detail to the era and her commitment to her persona makes me feel that the best women will place.

Photographer: Silver and Soul Photography Makeup: Erin Reno Hair: Miss Rockabilly Ruby

Who is your favorite band or musician?

That is always a hard question! I love so many to whittle it down to one. So I am going to give you my favorite Swing Band, classic rockabilly artist, and modern vintage inspired artist. I grew up listening to Glen Miller. I just adore swing music and his is the best to get me In the mood! As for classic rockabilly, you just can’t top Chuck Berry.  As much as I love Elvis, Jonny, and Jerry, I don’t think any of them will match that man’s soul. Finally, what kind of a rockabilly babe would I be if I didn’t say Brian Setzer? He mixes my two favorite kinds of music, swing and Rock and roll!

What is your favorite classic car?

My Dream car is a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr.  It just oozes art deco and debauchery. Both of which I love, hah! I have caught myself daydreaming of doing a photo shoot with one, dripping in pearls, fur, and slinky satin gown. Be still my trembling heart! Maybe one day I will have enough dough to sink into my own classic car money pit.
Who is your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from so many great women and fashion icons. My two biggest icons are Lucille Ball and Ru Paul. By appearances the two are so drastically different, but in reality they are both insanely talented, intelligent glamourpusses. Each of them built an empire in media and slay it every day as if they were on the runway!

Photographer: Harper Neilson Photography Makeup: Bomber Betty Hair: Cherry Dollface
What makes you an extraordinary pinup?

I will be honest here, I always feel anxious shamelessly promoting myself. I like to think of it as me being relatively humble. With that out of the way, I do believe that I am cut above. I believe that for several reasons. The first being, I commit to learning all I can about the things that influence pinup. And oh boy is it a lot! Knowing the music, make-up, fashion, movies, and history behind it makes it easier to make it personal for me. Using the knowledge I have squirreled away I can create unique polished looks based on all the things and people that inspire me. It is easy for any lady starting out to be a Betty look alike, but to create a unique profile is so rewarding. One of the best compliments I have ever gotten from another pinup was, “You can always count on Bonnie presenting a different look from everyone else” .  The fact that others can recognize my attention to detail should speak well enough that I am extra ordinary pinup. I know my strengths and I play into them while still pushing my comfort zones on the areas I still feel funny about. But beyond the surface, I use pinup to connect to and empower other people.  I think that because I am so confident in my ability as a pinup, I don’t feel threatened helping another lady grow into her own. It is a HUGE motivator to me to know that I am respected by my peers.  Being extraordinary to me means, knowing your worth, giving myself the love I need to grow, and shining bright without working to dull the light of others.

Well stated my dear! Bonnie Bailey is a shining star - a beacon to others and a very inspiring pinup all around. Let's give some applause for this stunning, extraordinary lady!

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