Friday, September 1, 2017

Sinfully Sweet Miss Shannie Shortcake

Photographer: MIT MUAH: Shannie Shortcake
Summer might be transitioning into fall but it's sizzling here! A vivacious (and curvaceous!) pinup, Shannie Shortcake rocks her style and attitude - no matter what! Keep scrolling to learn about this saucy dame!

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been into pinup and/or pinup modeling?

I did my 1st pinup shoot in 2011. I was hooked and knew right then that it was for me.  Being raised by my grandparents, there were always old movies and oldies playing. They would dance in the kitchen together and my Grams is a pack-rat so she would show me her fabulous outfits from the past.

Photographer: Mannon Pictures MUAH: Stevie Rosalie
Accessories: Project Pinup Hair Flower: Lila-Jo
Do you participate in a vintage and/or pinup lifestyle?

I try to have my pinup lifestyle as much as I can. I have to tone it down at work though. I work for the Courts.

What is your favorite band or musician?

I love music, all genres. Old: Stray Cats and Elvis. New: Tiger Army and Tori Amos.

Photographer: Victory Fotos MUAH: Shannie Shortcake
What is your favorite classic car?

I am from Cali, near the ocean, so if I could say there was a car that fit my style, it would be a surf wagon. The plus side would be the trunk is big enough for all my pinup stuff. ;-) I would want it red with white trim, and green a strawberry. ;-)

Photographer: Chris Gomez Photography MUAH: Violet Black
Who is your inspiration?

My grandma is my inspiration and #1 supporter. She was so excited that I had found a hobby we could bond over (she wasn't fond of my motorcycle or of roller derby). She used to model next to the cars at a local dealership. 

Photographer: John Sparks MUAH: Shannie Shortcake
What makes you an extraordinary pinup? 

I don't know about extraordinary, but I'd like to think I stand out because I am real. I do pinup to volunteer for the community (mostly with veterans). I don't do pinup contests to win. I do them to meet new friends or build current friendships (and the goodie bags are usually awesome). I love the lifestyle and wish I was born in another time, but I would want it to be as tolerant as our scene is today. 

I always get the warm fuzzies when a pinup shares that her grandmother was her biggest inspiration. That's so sweet - just like Miss Shannie Shortcake! It has put a smile on my face and hopefully one for y'all as well!

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