Friday, July 7, 2017

Temptress Miss Lillie VonnTorque is Miss Motostatic 2017!

Photographer: Lucky Penny MUAH: Carmen Lee
Get ready to be wowed and amazed by Miss Lillie VonnTorque the winner of Miss Motostatic 2017 and July's Pinup of the Month! This sensational pinup is a doll of a gal knowing not only her way around pinup and contests but cars too! A real Rosie the riveter, if you please!

Photographer: Lucky Penny MUAH: Carmen Lee
Tell us about yourself. How long have you been into pinup and/or pinup modeling?

I've been in love with cars and car culture for a long time. I met Carmen Lee at one of the car shows and I had my first professional pin up shoot with her a little less than 2 years ago.

Photographer: Varga Photography MUAH: Bonnie Holly
Is this your first contest? What was different or unique compared to other contests? What was your favorite part?

No, it's lucky number 3. My first pinup contest was Motostatic 2016 and my second was Miss Symco 2016. I learned a lot from them both and got through the jitters a bit better with each successive experience. I also gained  a lot of friendships and met some incredible women. Pinup is such an amazingly diverse world. I think Motostatic is a fantastic local rockabilly/car show and feels like a family reunion every time I attend. My favorite part was having Gary Millard hand me the roses when I won. Gary and his team run such a great show and I think the world of him and his show. 

Photographer: Lucky Penny MUAH: Carmen Lee
What is your favorite band or musician? 

My fav band is the Madpolecats. It was just incredible to get to see them perform both at Motostatic and Motostatic After Dark. I fan girled HARD!
Photographer: Varga Photography MUAH: Bonnie Holly
What is your favorite classic car? 

Ok, I mentioned I'm a car girl right ? We have a few cars in our collection and while my favorite in our collection , is a little '49 Willys CJ3A, I'd love to own a 1939 Willys because my great grandmother owned and loved one during WWII. I also  would love, love to own a 1950s Oldsmobile Rocket 88.

Photographer: Judd's Custom Photos Hair: Bonnie Holly Truck: Maggie the M37
Who is your inspiration? 

There are some incredible modern day pinups but my connection to pinup  is from our history and from my own personal history. I am inspired by the pinups of WWII and by the Donut  Dollies ( Red Cross workers ) of WWII and Vietnam. I am inspired by my family's very own "Rosie the Riveters" - my grandmother, her twin sisters, and my great grandmother, who all worked for Bell Aircraft Corp in Buffalo, NY during WWII. My father is a Marine Vietnam Veteran. The idea of helping other veterans and supporting veteran causes (especially relating to PTSD) through pinup really spoke to me

Photographer: Lucky Penny MUAH: Carmen Lee
What makes you an extraordinary pinup? 

There are a lot of facets to my personality. Not only do I love cars, but I love to work on them. While going back to college 8 years ago, I took welding classes.  I will always support Veterans services and causes throughout my personal life and the pinup platform . We restored a 1954 Dodge military truck  last May in honor of a family veteran and show her at many shows because our lives have been touched by the veterans who served our country. In my daily life, I work with children with Autism. I work with them in the elementary school setting, through social skills groups in the community and in their homes. I am an artist, a painter, and an art metal  welder. I'm also a mom to two incredible teenagers. I want my life to reflect what I've tried to teach them and that is: a strong woman is someone who lives an authentic life, who overcomes adversity with positivity, who continues to learn, to grow, to try new things, and pursues the things she loves in a way that makes the world better. ❤️

Photographer: Lucky Penny MUAH: Carmen Lee
For more Lillie in your life check out her fan page. View new and completed military truck projects here. Lastly, be sure to follow this doll on instagram @dancylillievonnt!

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