Friday, March 10, 2017

A Genuine Darlin' Miss Ginny Rosewater

Photographer: Matthew Leeland Photography
Checkout Ginny Rosewater, pinup of the month for March! This gal pushes her limits to create her own destiny. Even if you feel you don't fit the mold - don't let it stop you! You can be or do anything you want to! Scroll down to see how this pinup meets her challenges and rises above - extraordinarily!

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been into pinup and/or pinup modeling?

I come from a small town in Central Wisconsin and I've always had a love for antiques especially things from the 40's and 50's. When I was a teenager I discovered rockabilly music and loved the style that went with it but it wasn't until college that I discovered the pinup scene. I was getting a tattoo at a local shop and saw a poster for a pinup contest hosted by Carmen Lee. I looked into it and discovered there was actually a pinup scene right here in Wisconsin. I signed up for the contest even though I had never done anything like it before and it really changed my life. I used to be very shy but by pushing myself to do things that scared me, like getting on stage at contests, and even talking to the other ladies at contests I've made so many new friends and gained so much confidence in myself. I always wanted to be a model but because my body didn't fit the mainstream beauty standards I didn't think it would ever be possible but pinup really is something that embraces every figure; short, tall, thin, curvy, every woman can look and feel beautiful in vintage fashion. Five years later and I'm truly living my dream.

Photographer: Riley Kern
MUAH: Miss Rockabilly Ruby
Do you participate in a vintage or pinup lifestyle?

I like to add some vintage flare to my everyday style. High waisted jeans, and undies are great for accentuating that classic hour glass shape and paired with a band tee I can keep things casual. If there's any excuse to dress up I'll throw on a wiggle or swing dress and style my hair but for the most part I'm a very casual girl. I love decorating with vintage accessories and my home has become a very cool mid-century eclectic but I wouldn't say I really live a vintage lifestyle.

Photographer: Shannon Brooke Imagery
Hair: Madame Pomp
Makeup: Malicious Makeup
What is your favorite band or musician?

I go through phases where I can't stop listening to a certain band so it's impossible to say I have a favorite but I can tell you I've been listening to Tiger Army since I was 17 and their latest album is currently in my car's 6 disc changer. Alongside them you would find a mixture of alternative rock, indie folk, and outlaw country. I love checking out and supporting local music and love going to shows any time I can.

Your favorite classic car (owned or not)?

I don't own a classic car yet but it is a dream of mine to some day get one and be able to work on it myself and it's gotta be a GM. General Motors really had it going on in my opinion with the 1954 Chevy 210 and '57 Bel Air; the '51 Buick Special and the '53 Roadmaster, and the '51 Oldsmobile Super 88 being some of my favorites.

Photographer: Wisdom Photography
Who is your inspiration?

I am constantly finding new inspiration when it comes to modeling. Mosh is one of my favorite models to follow for posing inspiration, she is so innovative with the way she uses her surroundings, posing on just about anything she can find and making it look fabulous. Masuimi Max is the queen of facial expressions, something I would really like to improve on in my own photo shoots. I also follow the work of many photographers, my favorite being Shannon Brooke. I try to study the way she uses light and shadow when positioning models so I can try and make better use of light when I'm shooting.

Photographer: Decadence Dolls 
What makes you an extraordinary pinup?

I like to think that what I do inspires other women to follow their dreams, find confidence in themselves and break beauty standards. As I said before I'm from a very small town in Central Wisconsin and I can tell you, modeling was a dream of mine but I didn't think it was something I could really go anywhere with being only 5'2" and 135 lbs. I certainly don't have the body of a typical model and I feel like I'm really just your average girl but I've pushed myself to do what I love and embrace my figure. I've been posting unedited photos lately to show my "imperfections". I have stretch marks on my thighs, spider veins, rolls when I'm sitting or bending, things that almost every woman also has but that are edited out of photos. I just want other women to know that no one is perfect and none of us should hold ourselves to such unrealistic beauty standards. I hope doing so helps others to embrace their "flaws" because we are all beautiful just the way we are.

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