Fashion Friday: Golden NYE Outfit

Welcome back dolls! I took a little break to get my career going and to reformat this blog to its original purpose of featuring awesome pinups and equally awesome, affordable pinup styles. I'm back on track and pleased to show you my spectacular NYE ensemble. It came together better than I could have imagined!

I'm not often very lucky finding vintage clothing scores at Goodwill but every so often I do and it's *amazing*. This was one such occasion. Before heading down to Kentucky to visit my family for Christmas, I got the notion to stop by Goodwill as we headed out of town. Thank goodness! Inside was my gold lurex 60's dream dress for $5! Wowee! This outfit was stunning and perfect for running around Chicago - from the train station to Reggie's was a bit more than the 4 blocks google promised us and I was so glad to be wearing not quite flats but not full on wedges either. Not to mention my dress was stretchy, not binding, so great for dancing! I danced the night away through the Krank Daddies and Slim Jim Phantom - I was exhausted but had a great time!

The last photo is just for giggles - silliness! I had no idea a giant poster of Tom Jones was behind me on the wall. I'm really observant sometimes. 

 Outfit info:

Dress - Vintage but similar ones available
Shoes - Suzie flat by CL by Laundry  

Hat - Vintage and borrowed from my friend for the evening. This one is almost exact!

Bracelets - A plastic black bamboo bangle, a black wood bangle, and a gold flecked lucite bangle made by Splendette! 

 Belt - Purchased some time ago from a vintage shop. This black belt from Micheline Pitt's Vixen line is reasonably priced. 

Simple yet stunning! I love this outfit! What will I wear next? Find out next Friday!