Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pinup Press: Patti Pierogi - Miss Motostatic 2016

All the contestants for Miss Motostatic 2016
This past weekend was a whirlwind and a blast! I have so many new and exciting things to share with you all! Two photo shoots in two days - one with Lucky Penny and the other for a new salon/tattoo shop in Elkhart, IN! I'll have more details about the salon later on. Saturday, after my shoot with Carmen I was all dolled up so as James and I drove back towards Indiana for the next day's shoot we decided to stop in Milwaukee for the Polish Pile Up and ran into Miss Patti Pierogi - winner of this year's Miss Motostatic!

Miss Patti Pierogi slaying the Q & A portion of the contest!
This gal is a hoot! It's easy to see how she has accomplished 5 titles and 3 placements within one year - she had me in stitches as we hung out. If you ever see her at a show be sure to stop by and say hi - you won't regret it! Maybe even ask her about green M and M's, if you dare.

It might seem absurd but I only had one big question:

What advice do you have for other ladies competing in pinup contests?

While I can't give away all my secrets, I will gladly share this: if you've ever said to yourself "I've always wanted to do that." THEN DO IT. Why wait? It's not like the pinup fairy godmother is going to come around to boop you on the head and say "Your wish is granted my child. You are now a pinup." Sign up for a contest. Do you homework. Go big or go home. And do yourself a favor: Invest in the proper undergarments. Nothing ruins a look (or your scorecard) worse than an ill fitting bra, visible panty lines, the wrong foundation garment (e.g.- a full-on, boob-crushing corset in a swing dress, when a high waisted body briefer or waist cincher would do the trick) or no foundation garment at all. While I am all for body confidence and wearing whatever one feels fabulous in, I also know that back the Pinups hey-day, it was practically a crime to not be smoothed/cinched/lifted-and-separated in just the right way to show off your assets. So if you're going to do it? Do it correctly.

Winners of Miss Motostatic: Miss Bombshell (left), Miss Motostatic (center), and Miss Atomic
Such an awesome answer! I really want to go out and get proper shape wear/girdles now. Been needing some new Rago in my life. Keep an eye out for the Pinup Press in two weeks - when I feature Miss Bombshell and Miss Atomic from the Miss Motostatic Pinup contest. Thoughts or comments? Share below, please!

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