Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Adventures in Indiana: Midnight Ride - Schererville

I may have mentioned previously that James and I bought cruiser bicycles earlier in the winter - late January. We've been itching to ride them ever since. We were fortunate enough to have a break in the winter weather early in February and as recently as last weekend. On Sunday, we needed some thread and a zipper for another sewing project. So we decided (however crazy it was) to ride our bicycles to the Walmart in Schererville.

This is the second ride we've been on since getting our bicycles and my second ride in years. Needless to say, I can't take the uphills like I used to and have to take many breathing breaks. Still I'm proud of myself (and James too!). According to google maps it was about 3.1 miles - one way. After we found our zipper, thread and took a break walking around Walmart, James decided he wanted us to take a different route home. Unfortunately, this isn't much of a bicycle town. We crossed 41 and rode through some parking lots before having to ride out on 30 - very few, if any, of the businesses on 30 heading towards Illinois have connecting parking lots. Often we would ride alongside a business on route 30 and tuck into the parking lot if oncoming traffic was approaching. We made it back safely - no worries! As the weather improves, thank goodness, midnight rides will become a regular occurrence!

How do you explore your community? Share your adventures in the comments!


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