Monday, February 8, 2016

Pinup 101: Pinup Style - What to Wear

It might seem a little daunting to change your style or to jump head first into pinup style but don't worry - it's awesome! When I started adding pieces and changing my style I was really worried (at the time) I wouldn't be able to wear jeans since it was harder to find high waisted denim back then. That's not even a problem now. So whatever your biggest concern might be - don't worry, there's already a solution! Plus, there are lots of different ways to have the look or to change it up depending on mood. Check out these outfits for pinup and retro style inspiration!

Havana Nights
A cute tiki inspired look!

Untitled #10
A quick casual look for anytime!

Cruisin' around
Another casual look but with a skirt!

Each of these style sets was created using Polyvore - a great site to create outfits before you wear them! Maybe you already have some of these pieces or similar items? Use them to try out a new outfit! Be sure to check back next Monday for tons of links on the best places to fill your wardrobe!

Which set was your favorite look?


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