Friday, February 26, 2016

Fashion Friday: Ally Boobior's 40's Inspired Look

This 40's inspired look, created by Ally Boobior, is one of my favorites! This style is perfect for fall or "warmer" winter days. Her outfit is created by layering a longer sweater over a dress and finished with a blazer. The pleated shoulder detail of the blazer gives the 40's definition to the outfit.  Don't forget the scarf, gloves, and hat! While Ally's ensemble is an original thrift shop look I have compiled similar items - most items on sale too! - for an inspired and budget friendly recreation.
 Start with a black polka dot dress. Then layer a longer white or cream cardigan. This blazer is almost identical except in hue. That rich emerald color is magical - I love emerald! Yet, this midnight blue blazer is just as stunning.

Bet on Velvet Blazer in Midnight Blue

Ally gives her look an edge and keeps her legs warm with tall socks and boots. Great for an on the go gal who loves adventure. I believe she went geocaching (or maybe hiking) in this outfit! Oh the possibilities!

For the accessories, I found vintage red leather gloves on etsy. Be sure to check different listings or a vintage store for the perfect fit! Also, this pashmina scarf will keep your neck warm and is a good match for the gloves! While Ally is wearing a hat, I'm not much of a hat gal myself but a cream crocheted cloche hat would look cute even if it is mixing a different vintage style in the outfit.  

What are your favorite outfit items? Let me know in the comments!


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