Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Adventures in Indiana: Tiki Party in February!

This weekend was a double birthday celebration for my friends Adam and Kelsey! About a month ago we planned a mid-winter tiki party at Hala Kahiki. I think we had the most fun planning our outfits in preparation though we did have a great time at the party! Tiki attire was encouraged and Kelsey and I went all out. I even bought (late Christmas present) new shoes - a pair of Lucky Lou shoes! I've only had my eye on that pair for about 6 years but waiting paid off since they just started making the shoes with ankle straps (the only way I'll wear shoes). Surprisingly, I have very few photos of my shoes or rather me wearing the shoes. It certainly was different (and cold) wearing tiki attire in February! 

James and me at Hala Kahiki. It was a good makeup and hair night!
Bottom Right: Birthday Gal - Kelsey with all the party gals!

Have a favorite theme party that you have attended? What was it? Let me know in the comments!

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