Monday, January 25, 2016

Pinup 101: Hairstyle How-To's - All About Bettie

The past posts have included information on various styles that can be done with or without Bettie bangs. This is all about Bettie! Just two videos from one of my favorite pinup models - Vintage Vandalizm! 

Vintage Vandalizm

As she states in the video this is for gals already having Bettie Bangs - a how to properly trim tutorial. I've been guilty in the past of trimming too much but a week later you would have never known!

This next tutorial is how to create the iconic Bettie Page waves. I could never quite get it just right in the past.

But maybe you are like me and don't want to commit to Bettie bangs? I've had them in the past and might have them again though currently I prefer having a collection of clip-in bangs. The selection has improved over the last several years. Check out Classy Rebel for an awesome array of clip-in bangs to achieve the Bettie look without the commitment of bang up keep. I recently purchased the V-bang and plan on ordering some more styles to change it up.

Wearing my Classy Rebel V-bangs for my first photo shoot with Kelsey!

Which style do you prefer? Having bangs or clip in bangs? Let me know in the comments!

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