Friday, January 15, 2016

Fashion Friday: Dale Evans Style

Turns out I didn't get to hang out with Kelsey on Wednesday as we had planned. I overslept that morning and there wasn't time for two people (me and James) to get ready and leave the house. Additionally, Wednesday was the coldest day of the week so I wasn't keen on driving in super cold conditions either. It all worked out as Thursday was quite warm and pleasant for hanging out. While Kelsey and I didn't do anything overly exciting we did discover a gem in her town - a country bar with room for line dancing! We're now planning on going weekly or every other week. She's excited to wear all her cowboy boots again (I have to stretch mine out still). I'm looking forward to the addition of more western style pieces for my wardrobe. I've been wanting to add some Dale Evans flair for quite some time! Plus, of course, line dancing (or any dance) is great exercise and hanging out with Kelsey is always good times!

So far Sourpuss Clothing has a great selection for retro styled western wear. I could go broke supplementing new items into my wardrobe such as this dress - great for twirling! - or any of these tie crop tops - perfect for keeping cool! They even have a Johnny Cash dress - great for my ever growing Johnny Cash collection.

Unique Vintage has a swell collection as well of western wear. I love those jeans! I've been eyeing them for at least a year. Maybe one day. I thought these boots were cute and reasonably priced (compared to typical western/cowboy boot prices). This 40's style gingham checked crop top pairs nicely with high waist denim shorts for a look that's cute and cool in warmer months. I have a lot of planning to do and stretching of my current boots!

What is your favorite western look? Share below please!

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