Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Adventures in Indiana: Frozen Charlotte Photo Shoot

I decided to change up my week and had a sleepover with Kelsey, Monday to Tuesday. I crawled out from under my rock and played (my new favorite game) "Cards Against Humanity". Turns out I've been playing "Apples to Apples" in this fashion. Oops. Kelsey and I started watching "Orange is the New Black" - I'm hooked. Kelsey drifted in and out as I binge watched the first five episodes. If it hadn't been 7 a.m. I might have kept going. There's always next week.

On Tuesday, we had a photo shoot! My first-ever outdoor during the winter photo shoot. To say it was really cold is an understatement. As we walked outside in our dresses and vintage fur shawls/stoles all I could think about was the story behind the frozen Charlotte dolls and how very similar I was at that moment. Frozen Charlotte dolls were popular 1850 to 1920. The story behind frozen Charlotte was a cautionary tale to children/teens warning against vanity: Charlotte was on her way to a party in a sleigh. She was told to bundle up but refused as her dress would not be seen. When she arrived at the party she had frozen to death. Thankfully, Kelsey and I did not freeze to death but we also didn't take the best pictures outside since we were so focused on how cold we were - uncomfortably cold.

We moved inside to the basement to finish our shoot. A little drafty in the basement but much warmer than outside! I'll be spending the day sorting photos and doing some light editing. Check back this Friday for a special Fashion Friday! See you then!

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