Monday, December 7, 2015

Pinup 101: Hairstyle How-To's - Easy Hair for the Holidays

This past weekend I did make it to my holiday party, which was a feat in itself considering earlier in the week. However, my hair was not as I wanted - partially due to illness and because Amazon mistakenly sent my new curling iron to my parents address instead of my address. Despite my setbacks, I still created a cute look for the evening. Enjoy these easy to achieve hairstyles with makeup tutorials for your next event!

Glittery glam goodness with big curls! I love this look!

Pinupdoll Ashley Marie

 15 minute overnight curls! A variation on my pillow roller curls - better defined curls.

Alexsis Mae 

I can't wait to try these styles - maybe even this weekend! I love glittery eyes especially for the holidays. What is your favorite look for the holidays? Post below please!


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