Monday, December 28, 2015

Pinup 101: Hairstyle How-To's - 1950's Styles

Grab your pearls! There are 1950's styles to be had! These styles (as the last ones as well) transition from day to night and only look complicated. Just start with your pin curl base and style into one of these lovely 50's do's!

Cherry Dollface 

A Lauren Bacall inspired look using pin curls and some light teasing, brushing to shape the curls, and you're done! Easy!

Miss Rockabilly Ruby

This poodle do is probably considered more 40's but it makes me think of Lucille Ball as she wore her hair in "I Love Lucy". The video shows how to achieve this look with considerably short hair using a wig piece. If you have longer hair skip the wig and pin your hair up!

Iris J.

Elizabeth Taylor styled hair tutorial - great for gals with long hair! Shows how to tuck hair under for a faux short style; can also be done with short hair just brush your curls under and skip the pinning!

Fifties hair styles are often focused on curls at the base of the hair with the crown smoothed perhaps with some teasing to pin in a hat. Watch a few episodes of "I Love Lucy" and you'll notice Lucy wears many hats! She has quite the collection! I felt this was a good selection of 50's styles without being repetitive. Was there a style I missed that you would like to see? Just let me know in the comments below!

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