Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: Traveling with Parker and other adventures

I had a relatively good time over the Christmas holiday - some happy, some sad. I enjoyed being at my parents' (as did James) and seeing my family. It wasn't as traditional as normal but that's okay. We still completed our Christmas Eve puzzle as a family and looked for the pickle ornament on Christmas day. I lost this year, ha ha. Challenge accepted for next year!

Everybody did the dinosaur - puzzle that is!
James, Parker and I arrived back safely before the awful weather we were to receive. By the way, does anyone travel with their cat? Parker had been accustomed to riding in a car years ago but hasn't done much since. She's not the most pleasant nowadays. I rode from Indianapolis to Dyer with her in a soft sided carrier in my lap as opposed to her (safely) in a hard sided carrier in the back seat. The downside of riding that way is if we were to have an accident (which I always hope/pray isn't the case) I'm afraid she would be crushed. On a less alarming/serious note, my legs fall asleep riding with her in my lap. However, I chose to ride with Parker, in her soft carrier, in my lap because I couldn't stand to hear meowing and cage rattling for 244 miles. Any suggestions for calming my cat are appreciated!

Before I started moving furniture around.

As for Monday, I woke up to no power which only lasted maybe an hour. Unfortunately, when the lights came back on I realized half of my bedroom was flooded (again). I spent the rest of the afternoon mopping up the floor. Sadly, two of the Kroehler pieces (a side of the headboard and a side of the chest of drawers) suffered some water damage and have warped slightly. Since the set is actually covered in a wood laminate, James and I can glue and clamp the warped sections back but it's still upsetting and now something else to do. Still that's the worst damage - I'll take it. Since Monday's mopping I decided to reset some items in the room. The flow is much better! I love the in between stages when the room looks worse than when you started the moving project - it makes you think "What am I doing?" Ha ha. Moving my furniture still took less time than mopping.

I was tired after moving. There's plenty of stuff to sort and re-home. I love that Parker got in the picture!
For this week, I'm looking forward to New Year's Eve - my brother and his girlfriend are coming up to visit and party with me and James! We have a Chicago date planned for New Year's day! Yippee!

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