Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: Recovery

Since last Wednesday's post I've been on the road to recovery! I've finished my z-pack and prednisone - in just enough time, too, I was starting to feel my side effects. I'm still taking one to two nebulizer treatments a day which is considerably less than it was and with a longer time between treatments. Things should be back to normal next week. It's my hope at least! To the surprise of many, I felt up to it and went to my holiday event this past Saturday. I had a blast even though I spent most of the evening sitting and chatting and a little bummed I couldn't dance (well, in my case pretend to dance). There's always next year!

I love this group picture of everyone at the Hotrod Holiday Hoedown! It turned out wonderfully! I wanted to wear a dress to the event but wasn't really feeling like getting all dolled up since I'd been so sick. At least my outfit was festive and warm!

Check back on Fashion Friday, this Friday, to see my casual holiday party look. Great for when you're a little tired but still want to look cute! How has your December been so far? Comment below please!


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