Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: Pneumonitis

Posting later than normal today, had a rather "exciting" evening last night. James had to leave work early to take me to an urgent care facility. On Monday, I noticed I was having my asthma cough but I didn't feel any other symptoms and figured it would go away. By 1am Monday night/Tuesday morning I felt like my cat might as well have been sitting on my chest. I couldn't breathe. Currently, I have no daily inhalers or rescue inhalers because I was lacking insurance. I'm not in the clear yet. James' work is dragging their heels on adding me to insurance so last night was all out of pocket, unfortunately.

Sorry for the bad photo. It's my new/old friend - nebulizer.
Tuesday morning my father-in-law took me to my sister-in-law's house for a breathing treatment (my nieces and nephews have asthma too). She was kind enough to let me borrow the nebulizer - oh yeah, I left my nebulizer in KY because I was well all summer so I forgot about needing to bring it up - until mine is sent up here. My second treatment a few hours later only had temporary effects. I could breathe for maybe an hour and then my chest was so tight. I could feel pain in the upper section of my lungs across the back. James had to leave work early and we went to an urgent care facility in St. John. I was really pleased that after registration I went back immediately, unlike an ER in which I waste away waiting. After explaining my condition, the doctor came in, listened to my chest, had me take an x-ray, and gave me another breathing treatment. I was told I have pneumonitis - a bacterial infection of the lungs. I'm now taking an antibiotic, an oral steroid (my frenemy prednisone!), and atrovent/albuterol inhalation solution for my nebulizer.

Annie Chun's chicken noodle soup - tasty and easy to make after a treatment!
 After we filled my prescriptions (so glad JewelOsco has a 24hr pharmacy) and grabbed some late dinner we went home. Up to this point I hadn't walked since we walked into the urgent care center. I got winded going back to my treatment room and the nurse got me a wheelchair. Walking into the house was no different. After I made it up the stairs I had to sit in the living room until I rested enough to go to the bathroom and head downstairs. Another breathing treatment and then rest. I woke up burning up. Must have had a fever? I don't really know. I set my alarm for 10am (it was about 4am and I had taken another treatment) to call my parents. I slept so soundly! After the call with my mom I slept until my normal wake up time. I'm on the mend today - coughing and clearing my lungs of mucus (hooray!), moving around but not tiring myself out. I'm glad to be better!

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