Monday, November 9, 2015

Pinup 101: The Look - Pinup Perfection

In the last few weeks we've covered how to achieve cat-eyes/winged liner, eyebrow shaping, eye shadow styles, fake lashes, and red lips - now we're ready to combine all of these elements for an awesome pinup look! These are some of my favorites below!

Pinup Makeup

Chelsey Stacey

Lisa Freemont Street

Pinup Doll Ashley Marie

For a day time or 10 minute look I often pick about three elements to achieve a simple pinup look: eye brows, liner, and lips - out the door I go! Remember to have fun with your makeup elements - combine them all or just use a few!

What was your favorite part of this series? Did you learn new tips or tricks for your look? Share below, please! 

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