Monday, November 2, 2015

Pinup 101: The Look - All About Eyes

I've touched briefly on the subject in the introduction portion of the series on eyes - eyebrow maintenance mostly. Today we will re-address that along with eye shadow styles and even - how to apply false lashes! I've watched the falsies video millions of times along with practicing until I achieved it, though, I still have trouble applying the lashes sometimes. Don't despair! Practice makes perfect (most of the time)!

Eye Shadow Styles

The sky is the limit on different eye shadow styles! I often opt for something simple like neutral pairings that looks classic for every day wear. I'm always checking YouTube for new inspirations to add to my knowledge!

*These videos are full makeup tutorials - if you just want the eye shadow style it's not necessary to watch the whole video unless you want the whole look!*

 Cherry Dollface

This is a holiday look with gold eye shadow but you can use this look for anytime! I love gold eye shadow in the summer!

MakeUp By Annalee

This gal creates an old Hollywood look using neutrals. It's very glam!

Pinup Doll Ashley Marie

Fun with colors! I love looks with fun eye shadows!

Eyebrow Styles

In Pinup 101: The Basics - Eyebrows I covered eyebrows from grooming to styling, but showing is necessary too! Some of these videos show drawing/shaping the eyebrow using powder or wax - my favorite products are currently the Tarte Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse and Tarte Amazonian Clay Pencil.

Cherry Dollface

Pinup Doll Ashley Marie

False Lashes

You may have noticed I feature the Cherry Dollface and Pinup Doll Ashley Marie very often - they are my favorites for explaining makeup and showing different approaches to the application. I hope you have found these as helpful as I have. I've watched many of these tutorial repeatedly, especially these on applying false lashes. Remember to have patience and practice makes perfect!

Cherry Dollface

Pinup Doll Ashley Marie

This video was also included in Pinup 101: How to draw Cat Eyes but shows lash placement as well.

Katty Delux

This is an alternative to applying false lashes to achieve the same look - great for when you're being rushed. I know I hate applying lashes when I'm being told it's time to go!

 I hope you've found these tutorials to be informative and helpful to your pinup look! If so, please share in the comments!

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