Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: A Vintage Weekend

This past weekend, James and I took on another project for the winter - a vintage 1960's (maybe '63) Nomad camper! We got a good deal on it which is great since we have to take it all apart and put it back together. There's a bit of water damage in a corner and the paint is peeling off of the wood - typical. At the suggestion of our friends, after I vacuum out the camper, we'll spend a few nights in it to get a feel for the camper prior to making any design changes to get a feel/flow of the camper. I'm so excited!

On Sunday, we made it out to Illinois for a dinner party with Red (Casey) and her husband. They took us to several, nifty vintage shops including True North and Betty's. If you're ever in Morris, Il make sure to check those shops out! True North is a vintage shop with individual booths - similar to a peddler's mall or trader bakers - and has two locations in Morris! You can visit them in town at 539 Bedford Road or at 501 Liberty Street.

We also visited Betty's, one of the sponsors of the Miss Jalopy Fest contest. Betty's is a vintage shop as well specializing in vintage apparel and decor - she also has a denim bar! I got a cute little lipstick case from Betty's!

After shopping and browsing to our heart's content and the time constraints of a Sunday, we headed back to Red's for dinner, dessert, and vintage 8mm movies! It was a lovely evening! Between acquiring a camper and hanging out with friends - this past weekend was a blast! Weekends like this make me feel like I'm adjusting much better to my move.

What consists of an awesome weekend for you? Share below, please!

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