Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: Mid Century Modern Dream

Now that the season is getting colder James and I have been spending more time indoors. Perfect, really, since our room is at capacity with stuff - furniture, amps, and stuff I still have in boxes to unpack, etc. The other might we alleviated some of the mess and *finally* set up our bookcase bed! I'm so excited that we have a complete, vintage, blonde bedroom set! More so now, that we are using all of the furniture. I've spent the last few days clearing out excess junk and cleaning up the room. It's so nice to have space!

It looks a little sparse now but in a few weeks we should have some art to hang above the bed and another tiered lamp for the other night stand. I'll post pictures when it all comes together. I'm so excited!

How do you decorate your space with vintage decor/furniture? Share below please!


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