Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: It's Thanksgiving!

This Saturday was the first snow of the season, much to my disdain. I think I was the only person who didn't take pictures over the weekend. Ha ha. I would think everyone has seen snow - at least the people around here who were posting it? Anyways, I can't be too upset about it as it's melting rapidly! I've heard a rumor of a possible high of 50 on Thanksgiving - I'll take it!

The snow was a slight inconvenience over the weekend but didn't stop us from our plans. James played bass and drums with Colonel Buster's 3-piece Dinner at the Local Lowbrow Art Show on Saturday. Sunday we drove out to South Bend to pay for the engine cleaning (the Edsel engine!) and to start the machining process. I'm excited that we're working/getting work on our cars. The Studebaker will be next. We have to remove the engine from the car. That's a task. I wish I could do (or know to do) car stuff when James is at work. Hopefully, with time that could be a possibility. Instead, I've spent this week cleaning the room - I'm still unpacking! I'm down to my last big box and a few small boxes. Hooray!

Be sure to check back Friday for my spectacular Black Friday giveaway - hosted by me! Happy (early) Thanksgiving everyone!

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