Monday, October 12, 2015

Pinup 101: The Look - How To Draw Cat Eyes

I love the Cat Eye style as it can be dressed up or down. The wing can be soft or extreme depending on the look you're going for or your mood. Additionally, there's several different techniques to achieve the cat-eye so you're bound to find one that works for you or try several to have a variety!

Source: The Graphics Fairy
These next videos are all the ones I've watched to achieve my favorite cat-eye looks. I hope they are as helpful to you as they were to me.

The Cherry Dollface

I love her videos! If search back on the blog you'll find where I've done her tutorials and I was successful too! Sadly, I missed out on her make up class when she was in Chicago. Oh well - there's always next year!  Her method is simple, though I just started drawing this shape recently, which is to draw the diagonal line, pair it with the side line, and then fill in. 

She also has another video on creating the look using the tape method. I attempted this once after reading it on a beauty site. It didn't work for me because I don't like the sensation of tape on my skin but maybe it helps you!

Pinup Doll Ashley Marie

I recently (a few years ago) discovered Pinup Doll Ashley Marie - her videos cover all different styles that are blended with the rockabilly/pinup look. This video shows the quintessential pinup look, which can be dressed up, down, or worn alone: winged eyeliner (cat eyes) and red lips! It's a great every day and 10 minute look!

Additionally, Ashely explains about eye shapes/types and the best way to draw winged liner for hooded eyes. 


 This gal explains the ins and outs of winged liner application and shows diagrams in addition to drawing the line!

I hope the variety of methods above allows you to master your own line! Even if you're already a pro at achieving a cat-eye look - it's always nice to have more options or styles to go with different looks.

Did you like the videos? How do you draw/apply your cat-eye? Post below, please!


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