Friday, October 16, 2015

Fashion Friday: Lazy Gal Halloween Costume

Halloween 2015

It's not so much that I'm lazy but once again did not plan my Halloween costume in a timely fashion. I should do this months in advance in order to buy whatever is necessary but there were more important events this year. Additionally, it's going to be cold (frigid) this weekend and probably next weekend, too, for the two parties I'm attending. Another big *surprise* is my costume is a cat, my trusty old fall back. Maybe I should do a series on 101 ways to be a cat for Halloween. Ha ha.

I recently got a Kohl's card so I could buy jeans. I'm delighted that I have four pairs now for the fall and winter season - all high waisted too. With all the savings, I was able to purchase a leopard hoodie from the Juicy Couture collection at Kohl's as well. I wouldn't normally wear their stuff (just not really my style) but I couldn't resist a perfect leopard hoodie at a steal! Which makes perfect sense to incorporate my new wardrobe into my Halloween costume, so I can be warm and not have to buy too much extra stuff. Hooray!

I hope you like my Polyvore collage. There's some extra (fun) stuff I'd like to have for my costume and I added them in for ideas/inspiration.

What's your go to/fall back outfit for Halloween? Share below please!

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