Friday, October 23, 2015

Fashion Friday: Budget Friendly Pinup Basics

I touched briefly on the subject last week as I was/am super excited about my recent purchase from Kohl's and the thrill of using it as a Halloween costume. I usually prefer to wear actual clothing for Halloween costumes as it is warmer than a cheap polyester costume and it's also a better use of my money to buy things I can reuse instead of a piece that has a one time or once a year purpose. I digress.

Luxurious plush velour, seamless outside pockets, and hidden inside pockets!
When most gals switch over to dressing pinup, the first thought is that it's going to be expensive. I remember thinking that when I started switching my wardrobe over. I'm pleased to say though, despite some pieces indeed being expensive, you can find everyday items that are not only inexpensive (I don't like to say cheap as it conveys a different meaning) but available at regular stores. Until recently, I primarily shopped at thrift stores or goodwill (still do) for basic items (jeans, shirts, etc.) but rarely had any luck finding denim. Sure, I've found a few pairs of vintage denim (high waisted) at goodwill and have held onto them whether they fit me currently or not, just because it was a good deal and I will fit them again. Ha ha.

With the trends favoring retro styles, mainstream designers have started incorporating higher waists and more flattering cuts into clothing. I'm quite pleased that I found (through recommendation of a friend) high waisted jeans at Kohl's! I'm picky about my denim and prefer a higher content of cotton to elastic or polyester - which is often the composition of stretchy jeans. I'm actually surprised the Levi's that I purchased are exactly that composition with less cotton than I normally would prefer, but they look and feel wonderful. 

The dark wash with the contrasting lighter denim under side to create that perfectly retro, rockabilly look when the ankles are rolled into cuffs make my heart ecstatic! Additionally, the sales at Kohl's make my pocketbook ecstatic, so much so, that I purchased four pairs of jeans (two dark wash and two black) with an amazing leopard hoodie (it's so plush!) for very nearly the cost of a dress from Pinup Girl Clothing. While I love Pinup Girl Clothing, I also love having every day items that don't break my bank.

Ladies, don't let other people tell you that you have to spend a ton on your new pinup wardrobe. It's understood that you will want to save your money for those well-made, awe-inspiring, attention grabbing dresses and skirts but you can find every day wear at reasonable prices at regular stores! That's the best news ever because I'm sure every hates jean shopping as much as I do.

What's your favorite pinup basic wardrobe item? Where do you find it? Share below, please!

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