Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: T-Rex Trying

While I should be working on other things I often browse my favorite online shops, especially when I'm stressed. It's a no calorie way to distract myself from current frustrations. This week is no exception as it is certainly trying my patience between an unwelcome and elusive "house guest", some family stuff, and general frustrations of constantly adjusting (feeling like I've adjusted only to be frustrated again).

I was looking for a notebook, as my other notebook of ideas was ruined in the last flood, and came across a humorous book "T-Rex Trying" by Hugh Murphy. The fails of T-Rex attempting to do ordinary, every day tasks relates to my frustration but reassures me with humor - at least I'm able/capable of completing my tasks, except the elusive cartwheel. Poor T-Rex.*laughs*

What methods do you use to cope with stress/frustrations? Share below, please!

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