Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: Parker is in the building

In the most anticipated event of the season, Parker has finally moved to Northwestern Indiana! I'm so excited to have my kitty cat! With the addition of the cat, James and I are moving furniture in the room/clearing it out - our room is really coming together! We finally have space and places to put things and...a cat! She's been here for about three days now and exploring regularly - adjusting to her new surroundings. Unfortunately, she's not made friends with either of the dogs. I guess that is going to take some time. Any tips or suggestions on how to help my cat and dog adjust/get along would be appreciated!

Parker looks so regal ;) Glad that chair is out of the room!
Have you ever introduced a "new" pet to other resident pets? What was your experience? Post below, please!


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