Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: Home Office

Since Parker's arrival last week we've had to rearrange the room to accommodate. Honestly, it's fine since we've been needing to move stuff out of the middle, anyways. I'm pleased that the room is coming together quite nicely - my desk now has its own corner. I have my home office in the making! At the very least, I can now work at my desk, on my computer, instead of in the bed (though very comfortable) on the laptop.

I finally have a space or place for everything! It's nice to feel so organized. There's hope that perhaps in the next few months we can get the room painted. Staring at the primed walls is about to drive us insane!

I need to finish a small bit of spackling, where that light green strip shows. That odd box in my ceiling is the housing unit for the upstairs sink pipes. James said he would build me some shelves below to create a bookcase - to make that box look like it was meant to be! I'm happy with the additional shelving for my home office area and the creative use of what could be a strange visual in a room. I can't wait for the book case and to show you how it turns out!

Have you ever incorporated an extra room feature into a design? How did it turn out? Share below, please!

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