Monday, September 7, 2015

Pinup 101: The Basics - Hair Care

Ever wondered how some gals have awesome pinup hair? Aside from teasing, curling, and use of hair products - they have awesome hair care! Treating your hair in between styling is key: washing it a few times a week, using the right shampoo, and styling when necessary are important to your hair health. Below are some tips for hair health. Don't worry we'll cover hair styling more in-depth later! Also, all tips are bits of knowledge I've learned along the way from trial and error and the helpful guidance of stylists. Enjoy!

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  • Wash hair every 2-3 days. Over washing (such as every day) strips hair of necessary oils - making hair dry/unmanageable.
  • When washing use an SLS-free shampoo to avoid stripping oils. I use Avalon Organic's SLS-free shampoo for dandruff/scalp issues. Some gals like Wen (or a Wen-type product) - it's both a cleanser and conditioner.

  • Blow drying can be damaging to hair. Instead, if possible, blow dry hair when hair is damp to almost dry.
  • After washing, and gently towel drying, I put my hair into a very loose bun and allow it to air dry - letting it down after a bit to dry the inside hair.
  • I usually let my hair almost completely air dry and blow dry, if necessary, at the very end.

  • Vintage styles are best on day old hair - oils help to hold the style, along with much teasing/ratting.
  • Most hairdo's are achieved with a combination of teasing, curling (whether wet set or heat), and product (pomade, hairspray, or both). 
  • When the style is over gently brush out with a soft bristle brush. Additionally, I condition my hair first and then wash it - using my conditioner as a hair mask to soften buildup/products.
Source: The Graphics Fairy
What are some of your favorite hair care tips? Please share below!

Miss Liz

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