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Pinup 101: The Basics - Eyebrows

We've all heard this before: eyebrows are sisters, not twins. It's an almost frustrating notion at times but very true. Eyebrows are symmetrical yet not symmetrical. Yet, with careful diligence and some eyebrow product one can make eyebrows that are more twin-like.

Taming of the Eyebrow
Since donning a caterpillar/unibrow is never an option - unless you really like that look - tweezing/plucking, waxing, and threading are all possible options to tame those unruly hairs. Perhaps you're not sure which is the best method for you?

Model: Willa Source: Lucky Penny by Carmen Lee
Waxing removes the eyebrow hair using hot wax and fabric strips carefully placed and pulled off the eyebrow area. A licensed and trained aesthetician does this beautifully with little discomfort to the client. After waxing the area, a gel or lotion is applied to soothe the inflamed skin. During your appointment talk to your aesthetician about your desired eyebrow shape as well as the eyebrow shape that best suits your face to get the most out of your visit as well as achieve eyebrow perfection. Waxing is recommended every 3 to 6 weeks to maintain shape/clean up regrowth hairs.

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This method can be in combination with waxing, sometimes stubborn hairs are plucked away if they are resistant to the wax, but it can also be a stand alone option. If you've never had a shape to your eyebrows or new to shaping make an appointment with an aesthetician or stylist to have your eyebrows shaped with plucking. In between visits, you can pluck out regrowth. Be careful, though, it's very easy to get "tweezer happy" and over pluck your eyebrows. To avoid this:
  • Outline your desired shape with an eyebrow or eyeliner pencil.
  • Tweeze the hairs that are not in the pencil outline.
This will help keep eyebrows looking neat between visits without over plucking or accidentally re-shaping them. My favorite tweezers are Sally Hansen needle point tweezers - they are precision tweezers - great for pinpointing one hair at a time.

Source: The Graphics Fairy
Do a search for places offering threading as not all salons offer this service. While this is an ancient technique it has resurfaced as "new" and not offered as widely as the other two options. This method uses threads that intertwine to remove hairs in a scissor like fashion. Youtube has videos of how-to thread - great to see how the process works, if you're curious. I have not, yet, had my eyebrows threaded. This is, as I've heard, a low pain technique. Results last about 3 to 6 weeks depending on your personal growth rate.

Source: Retrocentric
For eyebrow maintenance that is low stress I recommend visiting a professional for major hair removal in combination with minor hair removal by yourself. It can be difficult to find a stylist that meets your needs but once you find them - see them regularly! In the past, I usually opt for an eyebrow wax every 5 to 6 weeks and I'll pluck a few strays in between. This keeps my eyebrows looking on point without much hassle to myself. Since I've moved I haven't looked for an aesthetician or salon yet, maintaining the over growth on my own and being careful to not over pluck.

Model: Pamela Marie Source: Lucky Penny by Carmen Lee
Eyebrow maintenance is one of the most important things as the eyebrows frame the face. Well groomed eyebrows are the best thing you can wear! With well groomed eyebrows very little, if any, product is needed and always makes you look polished and put together - even when you're not!

What's your favorite method for grooming your eyebrows? Have a favorite salon or stylist for this service? Share below, please!

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