Friday, September 4, 2015

Fashion Friday: Outfit of the Week - Leopard Crop Top and Skirt

I'm very pleased to share this outfit with you. This was custom designed for me by my friend, Misty. You can check out all her designs on her Facebook page.  I'm glad the weather warmed up again. I'm going to be able to wear this to some car shows before the end of the season. The circle skirt twirls nicely and I love the cut of the top with the bust line detail. Additionally, I don't usually wear two piece outfits. I feel exposed/self conscious. The cut of this set is perfect! I can show some skin without feeling odd! Pardon the mess, I don't have a proper set up yet for taking mirror selfies in the room. 

 The Look:
 I hope you all enjoyed this outfit! Thoughts or comments? Post below, please!

Miss Liz

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