Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: Oh Happy Day

Today is a much better day than when I posted a week ago. Since then we have finalized (in a sense) the door to the room - the handle and tongue/latch have been added as well as some kerfing to the door frame so nothing can get through. I'm very pleased with this. Over the weekend, we went down to Louisville and picked up my desk. I have to make a few repairs, which will probably be accomplished today, but soon my computer will have a home again and be up and running. I'm excited to have a real work space again. 

Today is a good day. I'm happy when I wake up and have that feeling. Maybe it's a feeling of ambition, of the things I plan to accomplish today, but it's a day for doing things and they will get done! Which is good, since I have a hefty list, ha ha. I almost forgot! Today is listener love day on Pandora - no ads all day! I'll be listening along as I do my chores. I wish everyone a happy and productive day!

Thoughts or comments?  Share below, please!

Miss Liz

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