Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: Jeans and Greens

It started last week, Monday, I hung out with my friend Kelsey. I enjoy hanging out with her because not only is she in the scene so that we have common interests, but she's also a transplant to Indiana. We can cope together on the shortcomings of our new surroundings.

We went shopping at the mall and had a blast, though I did miss a few exits on the way and probably drove out the way a few times. Still learning, I'll get it. We went to Kohl's so she could show me the Levi's that she wears because they're affordable and have the retro-look (high waisted). This is probably where my bad luck started. I loaded my arm with several pairs of jeans and headed to the dressing room. Of the three different styles I tried on: skinny jeans,  super skinny denim leggings, and high rise skinny-jeans, the high rise fit the best though they didn't have my size. I had tried on a size smaller and squished myself in. It looked alright but for good measure I did the sit down test - as in can I sit down in these? No, was the answer. After looking for the next size up it was apparent it didn't exist so I reluctantly hung up the size smaller jeans and we headed out for dinner.

Kelsey and me having dinner at La Carreta.
No worries! Dinner was awesome and we had a good time! No problems either on taking Kelsey back to her house and then picking up James from work. It was a day of much driving, but worth it to hang out and leave the house. It's nice to not be a vampire ALL the time. 

The Whole Foods grand opening wasn't a complete bust, didn't get the gift cards, but got this mug!
I really wanted those jeans. I waited until Wednesday, which was another fun day - the grand opening of the new Whole Foods in Schererville, to try again. James and I were running last minute errands before heading to the Ducktail Run in Gas City, IN. We went to two different Kohl's. The first appeared to have no staff except at the register. The shelves containing the Levi's jeans were shuffled and messy. When I found my preferred style it looked as if a twister had come through. The shelves had but a few pairs of jeans and NONE in my size. I really, really wanted new jeans for the car show. Indiana is an odd place in which the weather is never really consistent. 

Now I have an Indiana souvenir.
Back home, going out means taking a sweater or light jacket (in warmer months of course) in case it's cold inside. In Indiana, I take a spare set of clothes in case it rains, becomes excessively cold or hot, or whatever. So we went to a second Kohl's and again no luck. This time we found clerks and asked for help. Instead after waiting 10-20 minutes for a sullen associate to wander back the denim and return we were not "helped" but told "Nope. None left." Then she twirled around and went back to her department. I had full on rage at this point but let it go. I guess I could have gotten her name and emailed the company for all the good it might have done.

Peacock at the petting zoo at the Ducktail Run.
James and I went to the car show and had a blast. It seemed my luck was perhaps returning. A few days later when I checked online my size was restocked but I didn't order at the show due to very spotty reception. I waited some more. When we came home Sunday afternoon, after we unpacked, I sat down and gleefully placed my order. I'm happy to say my jeans are not only in stock but they are on there way!

A guineafowl also at the petting zoo.
 Yet, my story doesn't end there. I keep having odd moments. I'm wondering if similar frustrations occur to others who have moved? When I order Taco Bell and they ask for my drink (btw, I've stopped ordering combos since I can't have what I want) I reply with "Dr. Pepper" only to be told "Sorry, we don't have that." It's ridiculous since YUM! is based out of Louisville and I can always get Dr. Pepper with my order back home *and* Dr. Pepper is available up here - it's not a "southern" thing, unless I want it with my Taco Bell, I guess. 

A Roller Rocker cc member saved this cat at the beginning of the car show. S/he went home with another member. Such a sweet cat!
I had a similarly frustrating moment at Strack and Van Til Sunday night. I was getting groceries for dinners for the next few nights and wanted greens. Back home, I usually had Margaret Holmes brand instead of Glory mostly because the Margaret Holmes wasn't as salty/seasoned as the Glory. Since moving, I've adjusted to eating Glory brand - I'm just glad I can find them as it's usually limited. Weird. Anyways, James and I went up and down the canned vegetable aisle at least half a dozen times looking for my greens, any greens really, and could only find spinach. Finally, I found an associate and asked for help. 

Me: "Could you tell me where the greens are?"
Clerk: *looks confused* "Um, is that a vegetable?"
Me: *stifles anger* "Yes. You know like turnip greens or collard greens?"
Clerk: "If they're a vegetable they'll be down that aisle (points to aisle I've just been in) on the right side."

Despite the fact that she really wasn't sure and clearly had never had greens in her life, James and I traipsed back down the same aisle and scanned for the greens that didn't exist. This time I found a different associate, who looked equally confused when I asked about greens (guess it's not common?), and informed me that some items carried before the reset were no longer stocked. Aha! I wasn't crazy (entirely). I had bought them before and now know why I couldn't find them. In the end, surprisingly, they had fresh packaged bags of Glory greens in produce. Even better because fresh greens are good for you and now I have complete control of how seasoned (or not) I want my greens. Fresh for the win!

I'm curious, does anyone else ever have these random nuances from moving? Have you experienced something similar before? Share below, please!

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