Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: The Flood of 2015

Jame and I had a rather exciting weekend, some of which we could have done without. Thursday night (Friday morning) and Friday night (Saturday morning) produced much rain that ultimately ended up in our basement abode. Mopping up our living quarters that then resembled a furnished pool, prompted us to finish/seal the basement.

Sunday night I learned how to dry wall spackle (kind of fun, really) while James caulked the areas where the wall doesn't meet the floor. It's certainly making pest control easier. I'm so proud of the corner seam I made especially since nothing can crawl through it now. We still have plenty of caulking to do and more caulk to get as I purchased outdoor caulk instead of indoor caulk.

Nothing spectacular but I'm so proud of my corner!
The room is starting to feel like home this week. The window is open with a fan to facilitate faster curing of the caulked area (and to make that smell go away). The fresh air makes the room smell and feel like a real home instead of a stale, stagnant basement room. Our floors are clean - both mopped and vacuumed (free of dog hair!) since the flood. Everything feels light and airy! There's still some furniture to move around and my desk/work space needs to be set up but it's really starting to feel like a home! I guess I'm finally adjusting.

Have you moved before? When did your new home start to actually feel like home? Share below, please!

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