Monday, August 17, 2015

Pinup 101: The Basics - Skin Care

To start with anything you need a good foundation and as the old make up adage says "less is more". For achieving this, start with taking care of your skin to see a reduction in lines, dryness, discoloration, and other problems. With beautiful glowing skin you won't need heavy foundations!

A few months ago, I started the oil cleansing method, in which I cleanse my face with oil. It might seem backwards but it follows the philosophy of "like dissolves like". This new routine takes less than five minutes and is super easy! Not to mention it's like a mini facial/spa visit every morning. Because skin produces oil at night there is no additional need to cleanse at night. Just wipe off the day's makeup or grime with a warm washcloth and head to bed!

Oil Cleansing Method

1. Choose an oil cleanser for your skin type or make your own. I originally started with Badger Unscented Face Cleansing Oil. I've nearly finished my bottle and plan on making my own using products I already have - jojoba oil and coconut oil (both from Trader Joe's - $12-$14 for the two items but I also have multiple uses for them). Pinterest is filled with different options for oils based on skin type. I have dryness in my cheeks and I refrain from scents (allergies/sensitivities) so when I make my cleanser from the two oils (equal parts or 1:1 ratio) I will not be adding essential oils which are often optional.

2. After you choose or make your cleanser put about 4-5 drops/pumps in your hand and rub your hands together to warm the oil. Then spread the oil on the face. Even though oil is safe, take care to not get it in your eyes.

3. Let the oil sit for a minute or so. This allows you to place your washcloth under very warm but not too hot water. Wring out your cloth and place it on your entire face.

4. Allow the washcloth to steam your face for another 1-2 minutes. This opens your pores and allows the oil to do its job. When the cloth starts to cool down, you may begin to wipe your face. As you wipe you will be left with a slight residual of oil. This is good! It protects and moisturizes your skin! 

5. You're finished! If you feel the need (such as extra dryness) you can dab some oil on the dry zones.


When you initially switch the results can take up to a month to appear. The skin has to replenish oil that is removed or stripped from harsh cleansers. Often skin overproduces oil when using a traditional cleanser. For the oil cleansing method, skin produces oil at a normal level but is off the cycle when you switch from traditional to oil. During the switch you may notice more breakouts than typical, usually after about two weeks. Fret not, for this is normal. After a month of cleansing the regular oil production will return and excess breakouts will cease.

Remember this photo? No foundation needed! Courtesy of the oil cleansing method!
I love how simple and easy the oil cleansing method is! As an additional note, I now live in a house with well water (heavy iron deposits). I make my face cleansing time extra spa-like by heating up water in a tea kettle (not to boiling or too hot; just a minute or less based on the amount of water in the kettle) and then pouring the water into a bowl. Before I apply my oil, I place my washcloth on top of the bowl to steam it. After I've applied oil to my face I'll plunge the cloth into the water, wring it out, and steam my face accordingly. It's an extra step but makes it that much more relaxing. I love cleansing my face and feeling so relaxed when I do!

Have you tried the oil cleansing method? What are you results? Post below, please!

Miss Liz

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