Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: Getting my license pt. 1

I should have known from the start there would be nothing easy about changing my license. When the dmv or rather, as it's referred to in this state, the bmv is involved nothing is easy. Ever. I had all my credentials to get the license: some W-2s from my last employer, change of address form from the post office, my passport, and my current driver's license. You would think that would be enough to prove my identity as well as my new address? Nope. I needed a second piece of mail, which I don't have since I usually opt for paperless billing. It was requested then that I could bring in a rental agreement (don't have that either as we're living with a relative), an insurance form, a car payment bill, etc. Nope. I don't have any of those. My father-in-law was present. I had him come to the desk and verify that I live at the address. Also, not good enough. Since his license is not a Secure ID license (what is that?!) he would need to supply almost as much information (his license, birth certificate, and two pay stubs) to prove that I live at said address. This is ridiculous!

This is reinforcing my current dislike of Indiana, currently from years of living in Kentucky and our general dislike for the state, but there's hope things will work out. Tomorrow, before James and I leave for Symco, we'll be setting me up with a banking account (probably should have done that awhile ago) in hopes that appeases the bmv troll and her stipulations. I really just want to take a test and have a current, legal license. That's all I want to do. It shouldn't be so hard to do something so easy. I'm off to research local banks.

What are your experiences with the dmv/bmv? Share below, please.

Miss Liz

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