Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: 50's Blonde Bedroom Set

About two weeks ago, James and I went down to Louisville for a visit but it ended up being the fastest, most mad dash weekend ever. Despite the quickness of the weekend - it was completely awesome and worth it! A few days prior to us leaving my mom had mentioned that there was a blonde bedroom set with a bookcase headboard (I've been wanting one for years!) at a Peddlers Mall in Clarksville which is conveniently on the way to Louisville. Additionally, my grandmother said she would buy us the bedroom set as a wedding present! Super awesome!

The Dresser
Now when James got off work that Friday and got home it was about 1 a.m. - a very normal time, actually. Though we meant to leave no later than 3 a.m. we left between 3:30 a.m. and 4 a.m. That's a bit late but it worked in our favor - we didn't have to kill so much time when we got to Clarksville. We spent an hour getting coffee from Starbucks inside a Target. Note to self: 9 a.m. Saturday is no time to go to Target - far too many people. When we went back to the Peddlers Mall I had to call my mom to locate the set and when we found it I went speechless on the phone!

The Chest of Drawers
 We purchased our lovely "new" (to us) set and packed it in the truck almost tetris style. We still hadn't slept at this point. When we got to my grandmother's we decided to leave the packed truck at her house (in the garage) for the weekend. Around 3 p.m. Saturday we were finally getting our much needed sleep yet I barely got a few hours. Oh well. James had a good 5 hours that he really needed. My parents picked us up from my grandmother's so we could go back to their house as I still have more items to take back - I will for awhile. 

Some vintage items in the drawers.
 The next morning, Sunday, we were able to have brunch with Melinda but then had to come back, pack some small items, and go back to my grandmother's. She was super awesome and cleaned off the bed rails for us! We left a bit later than anticipated from Louisville and just finished unpacking the truck in Dyer - right before a massive thunderstorm. Since then, we've been cleaning the furniture and setting up our new living space. We have yet to set up the bed (using our old one currently). The previous furniture owners were heavy cigarette smokers. Ew. We've been cleaning nicotine stains off the furniture for weeks but they clean up nicely.

Additionally, my chest of drawers came with some vintage items belonging to "Nana". I now have a lovely vase, a handmade heart shaped dish with Pegasus pins, a coin holder, and a lady Ronson razor! I'm actually really excited about the vintage, pink lady razor - I've always wanted one! I tested it out the other day - it works! However, it is missing the shield cover and the mesh over the razor has snapped. I'm sure I can find parts for it online.

My "new" razor!
 Another neat fact: my furniture set is made by Kroehler and my grandmother told me that my grandfather used to work for them back in the 50's - it was his first job out of the army. Awesome!

What is your favorite vintage find? Did it come with any extra vintage goodies? Post below, please!

Miss Liz

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