Friday, July 24, 2015

Wedding Reception on Lake Michigan

Last weekend I attended a wedding reception, luau themed, in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. Sadly, all the pictures I took where of the nature - mostly the lake. James and I arrived well before the other campers at 6am (we left after he came home from work) and set up our tent on site. After that we napped. Around 3pm the ceremony was to start but emergency alert notifications were going off like crazy - a tornado/thunderstorm was headed our way! The ceremony went became a speed ceremony, the officiant talking rather quickly like an auctioneer. We were able to have the ceremony and some pictures before the storm.

After a possibly 20 minute downfall, the rain stopped, the sun came out and the party started! Later in the evening, Hillbilly Casino arrived to play for the reception - like a private concert! It was truly spectacular.

Unfortunately, the next morning the heat was overbearing to say the least. As I waited for James to wake up, I took a stroll down to the beach and waded into the waves - slightly. I've never been to Lake Michigan before and was very delighted to be at a beach/place I'd never been. However, I still prefer a nice sandy beach. Rocks hurt.

Ever been to a unique wedding reception? Where was it and what made it different? Share below, please!

Miss Liz

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