Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wedded Wednesday #2: The Johnny Cash Museum

Memphis home of Johnny Cash

I was a bit sad for James and I to leave Memphis after visiting Jerry Lee Lewis's home and I also wanted us to turn the truck around and go back. Maybe he would come outside. Maybe there would be a neighbor and we would strike up a conversation with them and have it turn out that they are friends with Jerry so we could meet him? Maybe not likely. Ha ha. I just want to meet one of my favorite musicians.

Rock 'n' roll mailbox for the Memphis house

Yay! So exciting!
Anyways, Nashville was all about my next favorite musician (and James' too): Johnny Cash! The museum is self guided and you can stay as long as you like. General admission is $16 with other rates available. Upon entering the museum are some of Johnny Cash's instruments, music docks or stations for each decade of hits - the encased ipad features 3-4 videos of Johnny Cash performing various songs per decade, and the other wall has family items from his childhood. The museum is about 4-5 rooms including later works, a movie, his work with various other artists, a wall of all his albums and platinum/gold albums, and some memorabilia from his home with June. By the time you leave you feel like you've met Johnny Cash.

The Man in Black

I love those boots!
One of my favorite rooms was dedicated to Johnny Cash's Sun Record years, which showcased artists such as Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis (yay!), and Elvis. This segment had not only items from each selected artists as well as listening/video stations for Jerry and Elvis but a large screen viewing area showcasing Johnny Cash clips (my favorite is Johnny impersonating Elvis) and Jerry Lee Lewis playing "Great Balls of Fire". 

Sun Studios exhibit - Jerry Lee Lewis!
After thoroughly examining each stage costume, piece of memorabilia, and anything else we could soak up James and I ended our tour and exited to the adjoining gift shop. Yes, we had to buy some Johnny Cash souvenirs, such as patches, koozies, stickers, and a tote bag. Who could resist? They even had some of the Sourpuss Clothing line Johnny Cash items available.

Just one more photo: an impressive wall of gold and platinum records.
We couldn't leave Nashville just visiting the Johnny Cash museum other sites (within walking distance from the museum) included the Tatyana Boutique, lunch at the Stillery, and a brief tour of a candy shop - the Goo Goo factory. Nashville was so much fun! We can't wait to go back!

Been to Nashville and have a favorite restaurant or attraction? Share below!

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