Monday, July 13, 2015

Makeup Challenge #1: DIY Eyeliner

Two weekends ago, when James and I visited Louisville, I left all my makeup at my parent's house. I didn't think about it until we were well into Indiana (near Sellersburg) and it was really too late and too far to turn around for makeup. James said I could just buy more but most of my tarte items are about $20 each and that's not really in the budget at the moment.

I decided to do a personal makeup challenge and spend no more than $30 on the four items I need: eyeliner, eyeshadow, brow pomade, and mascara. When we got back home I rummaged through some other makeup (not my everyday stuff that I left at mom's) and discovered I had eyeshadow. Hooray! I also had black eyeshadow, which I never wear since I'm always wearing black liner. With a little research on pinterest, I decided to make my own eyeliner. 

The process was easy and the results are pretty good - I need to tweak the formula slightly. I need to add activated charcoal and maybe some kaolin clay. For now, I'm going to order the activated charcoal and see how it works. I'll keep you updated on the process.

To make your own eyeliner

  • coconut oil
  • black mineral eyeshadow or activated charcoal
  • a stirrer or makeup spatula
  • a container for your eyeliner

Adding coconut oil to my container. That's a pretty big dollop of coconut oil.
1. I had an old glass container from some Medusa's Makeup eyeliner. I washed out the container to rid it of any previous liner remnants.

2. Using the spatula I took a small bit of coconut oil and added it to the container. A little bit of coconut oil goes a long way. Also, it does melt (at about 76 degrees) so keep that in mind.

3. My mineral shadow was in a container with a sifter so after constantly shaking, I added all the shadow to the pot with the coconut oil.

Adding the black shadow and mixing.
4. With the spatula I folded/mixed the two ingredients together until I had a consistent black mass.

5. I tested it out with my angle brush. It's a little runny/watery. Less coconut oil is better than more. I'll have to add more activated charcoal to get the desired consistency.

Successful eyeliner!
The cost of this eyeliner was almost free. I already had the eyeshadow and the coconut oil. If you need to purchase coconut oil it's about $6-$8 (possibly more) depending on where you shop. I purchased mine from Trader Joe's and it was around $6 or $7. I actually bought it for something else and was glad to have it on hand because it has so many uses besides cooking. Also, the activated charcoal is around $7. I'm ordering my activated charcoal online because I can't find it in this area, though Whole Foods or a similar grocery store is likely to have it.

 It may seem expensive since I'm spending or will have spent almost $14 on the two items which is slightly under cost for a regular eyeliner; but I will have the supplies on hand to make additional eyeliner as I need it. So while the initial cost is about the same of ready made liner the long term cost (refills) declines as I can make more instead of having to purchase more. Score!

It's a little watery but I'll adjust that.
While I need to fix my eyeliner, I'm really pleased with how it turned out and how easy it was to make. I doubt I'll ever buy eyeliner again. Additionally, I'm in control of what goes into my eyeliner which is two ingredients. That's pretty awesome.

Stay tuned for next Monday: DIY brow pomade! Questions or comments? Post below!

Miss Liz

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