Monday, July 20, 2015

Makeup Challenge #2: DIY Brow Pomade

In last Monday's post I mentioned I left all my makeup in Louisville and I've been replacing some left behind items with DIY items.

For my eyebrows, I use Tarte Cosmetics Eyebrow Mousse. I think the price may have gone up (it's $29 on the site) since the last time I purchased but it does come with a brush that is $22 when sold separately. Not to mention the brow mousse glides on effortlessly and lasts a very long time, even with everyday use. Which is why I'm not buying another since I still have about half a jar left of product. I just need a brow product for in the meantime, until I visit Louisville again (soon!).

During my research, I learned the difference between brow mousse (my product) and brow pomade which is what a lot of gals use (such as the Anastasia brow pomade) and has a firmer hold. I don't use Anastasia though since it's not cruelty free or natural/organic product.

My brow pomade was successful in making, though I'm still tinkering with it to make it just right. I combined my pomade, some bronzer (because I don't have any dark brown eyeshadow), and some black eyeshadow which resulted in colored pomade balls. I have been able to apply the colored balls to my eyebrows for a filled in look as I would normally have with the mousse but want something a bit more flexible in texture. Overall, the brow pomade has been a success and I'm pleased at having made two cosmetic products on a budget with items I already had.

Have a favorite brow product? Share below, please.

Miss Liz

P.S. Pomade can be used alone on the eyebrows in lieu of colored brow products for an everyday look - an even cheaper alternative if you already have pomade on hand!

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