Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Adventures in Indiana: Open Closet Design

I may have mentioned in the last post that I've been living out of boxes for about two months. I feel like I've worn the same outfits repeatedly mostly because I can't find anything else. The addition of the chest of drawers helped my situation greatly though more organization is needed. Sunday, after we returned from our luau, we built my open design closet.

Initially, we had looked at IKEA for some open closets and even the PAX wardrobe system. I love PAX and all the features it has from lighting to jewelery trays - it's like a boutique in your bedroom. However, our current residence is temporary until we have saved for our forever home and the thought of buying my dream closet only to leave it behind if it didn't fit in the new house (whenever we find it) saddened me. PAX comes in different heights and the basement we're in now has 7 or 8 ft ceilings, which may not be the case at the next place. I'll wait for PAX as I wait for my forever home.

After many designs and redesigns I came to a simple solution: a bar across the wall with a shelf on top. My DIY open design closet was $70 at Lowe's with a 10% off coupon - this includes the brackets (I purchased 5 but only needed 3), the board, closet rod, and 2 types of screws. Still much cheaper than many of the current closet systems.

It's a work in progress but a step in the right direction. I'm also pleased that closet assembly took about 20 to 30 minutes, if that, it went up quickly and without any hiccups. With the extra brackets we plan on making another smaller closet in the room - maybe for coats. In the meantime, I'm gloriously going through boxes and finding all the things I've missed. I seem to need more hangers.

What are your favorite closet solutions or designs? Post below, please!

Miss Liz

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