Friday, June 26, 2015

Miss Motostatic Pinup Contest 2015

Source: Hollow Moon Photography
Two weeks ago, James and I traveled to Wisconsin (4hrs north) for the Motostatic car show. Carmen had contacted me a few months ago about judging the pinup contest and I gladly accepted. There were two additional judges alongside me. Carmen thinks of everything. The pinup contest was the best run contest I've ever seen/attended. Carmen had packets for each of the judges with both the contestants name and number across the top - all we had to do was rate per category (1-10) for each contestant.

Awesome goodie bags for contestants! Thanks Carmen!
Carmen announced each contestant, who would then do two poses, and answered a question at random from a list that Carmen had already given them. Carmen's attention to detail - to make sure the contestants know what is expected of them - makes for an awesome time all around. The "dreaded" contest question is still a surprise but contestants already have answers instead of being on the spot.

Source: Hollow Moon Miss Moto Static 2015: Miss Ginny Rosewater
Source: Hollow Moon Photography Miss Bombshell 2015: Miss Misti Dawn

Source: Hollow Moon Photography Miss Atomic 2015: Miss Valvza Floatin'

Source: Hollow Moon Photography

The contest went smoothly - it seemed to almost be finished as soon as it started! The tabulator crunched some numbers (totaled each contestant) to determine the winner and runners up. Thanks to Carmen's well planned system the scoring was quick - not a lot of down time after the contest prior to announcing the winner! 

Source: Wisdom Photography
The car show, which ran from 8am to 4pm (CST), included vendors, the contest, live music, and cars (classic to modern). Motostatic is an all ages event and free to the public. While this show isn't a rockabilly weekender, it is definitely worth the drive - even from NW Indiana. Make it a part of your events next year! I hope to see you there!

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