Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wedding Wednesday #24: Wrapping it up

I'm almost finished with my kusudama bouquets. I'm in the final stages of assembling - then I can start on the boutonnieres, which will be much easier. I know I dropped the ball on Monday's post. We spent all day Sunday (my birthday) driving back from Iowa and stopping at a few antique malls along the way. Birthday present to myself - another night stand size mid century lamp with the two tier shade. I'm still excited by my lamp find.

On Monday, James and I slept about 6 hours after getting in around 4am then we got up (so tired) and got our marriage license! It's official now! I have less than two weeks left at work and I think I work almost solidly for the next week and a half. It's crazy. I'll have the week prior to the wedding (off) to finish up all my loose ends - such as packing up this room. It's really hard to tell that I've packed anything or noticeable that I've sent several boxes to Indiana. *sighs*

Thinking about my kusudama bouquets, I'm glad I did a wedding craft and my flowers are exactly as I wanted them (papers, colors, and button accents). However, they are very time consuming and even though I did plan/allow for time to work on them, I thought I would be finished a little while ago. If you choose to make kusudama bouquets plan well in advance to allow for time to make them, curing of the glue, life things that happen, etc. It might have been easier to have had someone else make them but then also room for disappointment too. I know I'm going to be so pleased with the bouquets when they are finished. I can't wait!

Have a favorite wedding craft or project? Share below, please!

Miss Liz

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