Friday, May 8, 2015

Fashion Friday: VTF '15 Pinup Contest

Vintage Torque Fest Pinup Contestants '15
 It was quite a feat getting all the contestants together for an after contest photo but it turned out to be a lovely success! While I didn't win (oh well - there's still Beatersville) it was still a great experience. Especially, getting ready in a tent. I had a fair amount of practice last season so I was far more prepared this year and some new editions to our camping equipment made all the difference.

Dress: Babygirl Boutique Sweater: Vintage
My curls turned out wonderfully! Yes, I did do my typical bang roll in the front. I didn't have a lot of time prior to the event to try new hairstyles. It's always good to go with what you know.

Have a favorite outfit or tip for getting ready for contests? Share below!

Miss Liz

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