Friday, April 10, 2015

Fashion Friday: Outfit of the Week

One day, I will master smiling while taking a selfie. So far not yet. However, the sometimes nicer weather (it's been storming rather frequently here) means no more winter wardrobe! I'm so excited to wear my favorite outfits again! This one is a new favorite. I'll have to be careful not to wear it out! What I'm wearing: 
The shoes are from Target bought awhile back so I know they don't carry them anymore but any cute summer shoes will do! 

The Lauren top is well made.  There is lining inside the bust and the shirt features and inverted zipper - zips down instead of up. It's actually very easy to put on and remove without assistance.
I really love the circle skirt. It twirls wonderfully! I can't wait to get a crinoline for it to fluff it out. The cat patch is too cute - even has a little blue rhinestone "collar". It's made of a nice weight cotton with a zip on the back and a faux button closure - sewn to look like a button closure but really a sliding hook and eye instead. Oh! As you can see - the skirt features pockets!

If it's nice where you are please enjoy the weather! Feel free to share your favorite outfits, too, in the comments below.

Miss Liz

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